16 May 2010

From Utica FD to Sebree

We left the Fire Dept in Utica for a short ride to Sebree (30 miles) and saw more of the same beautiful countryside.  Unlike Eastern Kentucky this portion of the ride has had a deeply peaceful feel to it.
Our trikes parked out front of the Utica FD.  A GREAT place to stop and rest for the night!
Simon didn't know what to do with this fire hydrant, thank goodness.  :)
"Look at that!"

A little snake Ken found.
We stopped here and got some fresh Bee Pollen.  It tastes like flowers!
While we were waiting on the pollen Ken noticed a new hitchhiker so I macro'd him, or her.  He, or she, is sitting on the little rubber thing that holds our TerraTrike flag on.
Pulling into the cute little town of Sebree.
We stayed here, in the basement of the First Baptist Church.
Pastor Bob rode my trike!  Woohoo!
We went to Sunday School and church this morning, and then we all went to Bob and Violet's house for spaghetti lunch.  The other guy in this picture is Joe, and he is from Thailand.  He is also doing the TransAm and we've really enjoyed conversing with him.  Another wonderful stay!!

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