20 May 2010

Cave in Rock

Cave in Rock is a neat place with LOTS of interesting and sinister history.  Ken and I checked it out with my Mom and Dad and KD who was visiting my parents.  Later Ken and I went back again by ourselves and discovered there were TONS of swallows there building their nests out of mud.  We didn't know what they were but Dan and Bill, some fellow cyclists who were also camping there told us what they were.
Sweet silhouette shot.  :)
The light on the floor is natural and comes from a split in the rock way above our heads.  I could just imagine piles of pirate plunder lying around... treasure chests with gold spilling out of them... :)
A nice shot of my parents.  After they left we went back to our campsite...
Nice, but TONS of mosquitoes.  The Burt's Bees All Natural Herbal Insect Stuff we have worked great though.  They still buzzed around us but we didn't get bit at all.  Oh, and camping here is only $10 a night!
Father and Son cyclists.  Bill and Dan were on their 3rd day and were headed toward Florida which is home for them.  Bill toured last year and also has a journal on CrazyGuy.  I will put the address here later.
Ken waiting outside the restaurant.
Simon by the river.

I grew up on the Mississippi River and it was nostalgic seeing the barges pass by.  Right after this picture was taken the weather changed and suddenly the skies looked threatening and VERY dark.  It made for an awesome photo opportunity.
My new favorite pic.

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