09 May 2010

From the Road Part II

Here are some more pics taken from the road.  The countryside here is so fun to ride through.  Rolling hills that are just right...  you pedal fast going down and coast just about to the top of the next one, then pedal just a bit more and you're headed down another one...  a cyclists dream.

I loved the "makeup" this cow had on.
We are in Kentucky's Holy Land.  Lots of these around.
Getting some shade.
My feet and some flowers.
Flatter farms are becoming more common.  Thank goodness.
This nice man you see helping Ken put our stuff in his truck is Jordan.  Last night we were not able to find a place to stay so we knocked on his door hoping the cabins you see here were for rent.  They weren't and the only motel nearby didn't accept pets (or have wifi) so Jordan gave us a ride off route to E-town so we could get off the road before it got dark.  Well, Jordan's dad is a heart valve recipient!!!  And his mom, a nurse, used to work for Kentucky's Donate Life!!  All these meetings are freaking me out!  Thank you so much Jordan for the ride!  You are our trail angel!


  1. If you stayed in E-town last night, where are you staying tonight? You must be close to us, no? Give me a call Beth Feltus 270 879 0267, we can put you up tonight (Sunday) or Monday.

  2. Thanks Beth! We'll be calling this evening!