27 May 2010

Ferne Clyffe

Ferne Clyff, Illinois was a neat campground and the price was great.  My parents came to see us there and to show us a very cool surprise:

So silly!

We camped here one night and the place was PACKED but everyone respected the Quiet Hours and we slept great.  We woke up a couple of times and looked at the stars and we left really early, getting on the road before 6:00 am.  Since it's so hot out we've started our "summer hours" to get more riding in early.

These warning signs are all over the park.

Our campsite.

We left camp to find some of the biggest hills yet:
Wow.  When the locals said there was a big hill ahead, we thought, "yeah, we've heard that before," but when we saw this we thought, "yeah, that IS a big hill."  
Some of the rural roads don't even have center lines.  We like that.
As hot as it was these two still stood close together.
These signs are along the Trans Am route in Illinois.

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