09 May 2010

Berea - Parents and Joaquina

My parents had waited long enough so we had them come pick us up and give us a ride into Berea.  Here are some pictures of Galen and Karen.  It is so nice to have them with us now!!!
Us at Dooley's Diner.

This is what my Dad looks like from the back seat.  I got car sick and moved to the front seat shortly after this pic was taken.  Ken and I both got car sick just about every time we rode around town.  I guess we aren't used to riding in cars anymore!
Uh oh.  Guess who NEEDS a TerraTrike now...

Meet Joaquina!!!  She and I were friends in High School and had not seen each other since.  She and her husband Brent and daughter Brianna live in Richmond, just a short distance from Berea and we sure appreciate her putting us up, (aka putting up with us) for 5 days.  She was an exceptional hostess and even made us cheesecake from scratch!  Thanks Joaqunia!  We miss you already!
Joaquina DuBois.  What a beautiful name for a beautiful person!
Of course she rode my trike!
So did Brianna, Joaquina's 14 year old daughter.  NICE girl!  Very artistic, and musically inclined as well.  My mom taught both mother and daughter some dulcimer songs while they waited for us to arrive.
We went out to eat several times.  These gyros were the best.  Hi Victoria!
At the Main Street Coffee Shop in Berea.  Yum!  I love the painting behind us too.
Joaquina's dog Mozart did great with our grouchy little Simon.  :)
Our goodbye hug.  Awwww....

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