27 June 2010

Pueblo and the Uh-Oh!

We left Fowler heading down 50 where my parents met us and took us through the trafficky parts and into Pueblo where they had found a temporary place for us to stay.  It was an RV park/horse place and since all the RV spots were taken they had given my mom and dad a spot back by the arena, and us a little barn thing to set our tent up in.  They didn't even charge us to stay here!

It was pretty cool there and there was a great breeze in our little barn.  Then in the morning there was a horse event which was fun to watch, especially the little kids riding horses.

Aren't they cute?  They rode really well!
This, unfortunately, was a bar and things got loud Saturday night which made it really hard to sleep. As usual, though, we were tired enough to get some zzzzzz's anyway.  We left the next morning so we could get set up in Colorado Springs.  We were planning to spend a little time in Pueblo since Alex's liver recipient lives there and we were hoping to meet him.  Russell was 9 at the time of his transplant and he is 19 now.  I called them but didn't get any response which was really disappointing.  I thought for sure they would be receptive but I guess I was wrong, so there was no reason to stay in Pueblo. Especially when I kept thinking I would run into my daughter's liver at Walmart or something and I sure didn't want that to happen.  I wanted to meet him, but not like that.  Here is a picture of Russell:
Good lookin kid, huh?  Maybe someday we can meet him.

So anyway, when we pulled through the gate to leave - UH-OH!
What happened?
Apparently on the turn the bikes had hit the fence.  My mom's bike and the bike rack were both pretty much trashed.  We left the rack and the bikes with the campground owner who is going to try to get the rack welded for them.  
The fence didn't sustain much damage and we didn't hear or feel a thing.
Mom's bent bent.
I think she needs to get a TerraTrike now, don't you?  :)

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