09 June 2010

Missouri is Hilly!

Some of the hills we encountered in Missouri were STEEP!  While they weren't as long as the ones we climbed in the Appalachians they were still something to talk about.  And the locals all did.  :)  I think because it's getting so hot and humid the hills were harder to handle.  We saw some cool stuff and I really liked the small towns and the people who lived in them.
We stopped here to let Simon out and he went inside this old building.  When I followed him in I noticed a book lying on the floor. I picked it up and saw it was a diary belonging to a 17 yr old girl named Stephanie.  In 1991 she wrote this in the first page:
We saw some beautiful farmland.  Everyone is cutting their hay right now and these round bales dot the land.
Ken got flat tire number 4.  This is the first one he's gotten on the front.  I hesitate to write this down, but so far I haven't gotten any flats!  Not one!  :)
Simon's instincts told him to burrow into the grass to get to the nice cool earth underneath it.  He stayed there until Ken had fixed the flat tire.  Then we headed into the next town:
This is Walnut Grove, MO.  Is that where Little House on the Prairie was filmed?  Or was that Walnut Grove in Minnesota?  I can't recall.
As usual, we sought out shade.  :)

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