09 June 2010

Ash Grove

We really liked this little town.  We arrived thirsty and stopped at the first store we came to, which happened to be owned by some folks who LOVE cyclists.  Within seconds of meeting us, Tom the store owner showed us the postcard that he made, just for us biker types:
Here is a more recent pic of Tom, just in case those of you who are cycling behind us want to keep your eyes open for him.  LOL!
Tom is the one in the overalls...  oh wait, they all wear overalls there!  Teehee!  Tom is the one who isn't wearing a hat.  His grandson talked Ken into playing a game of checkers:

The boy was a confident opponent, but Ken beat him.  :)
Then we headed over to the City Park where they let cyclists camp and swim for free.  The mayor stopped by and chatted with us, as well as some of the locals who walk there.  Nice town!
This is where we camped that night:

And in the morning this toad had joined us, so I Macro'd him.  :P
Oh!  And did I mention I got a new buddy to ride with me?  I found him at a yard sale and the little girl he used to belong to thought it was pretty neat her old toy would be traveling across the US.  I don't know what she called him, but I named him "MO" for Missouri.

Pooh and MO.


  1. Thanks for posting MO, my little girl loved seeing him

  2. Glad she got a kick out of it! :)