09 June 2010

The Broken Chain and the Unicycle

My chain broke when I was half way up a pretty big hill and there was no one around.  My mind began to fill with dread as I knew we didn't have a master link to fix the break and I didn't know what we were going to do. Ken pedaled his trike up to the top of the hill where he could park on flat ground and then came back to help push my trike up to the top too.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, this came past us:
Yes, that is a guy on a unicycle!  Sky is his name and he riding the Trans Am too!  Wow!  When we were all at the top of the hill he gives a big grin and says, "Figures you'd find the only cyclist out here with no chain!"  lol  Not sure what we were going to do Sky offered to hitch a ride to find us a master link (how nice is that!) but just then two eastbound cyclists pulled up and they had a spare chain with them.  Trail Magic!  So the guys all got to work:
We were a strange sight to see for any cars who went past.  They all STARED at us, and one nice man stopped to ask if we needed anything.  Since we didn't we just told him thanks for stopping.  He was a trail angel too, even though there wasn't anything he could do.  :)
Look how big Sky's wheel is compared to my trike!  His unicycle wheel is 36" - you can read more about his adventure here:  http://thirtysixer.com/  
Anyway, the guys got my trike fixed.  Looks like Sidd (my trike's name) has some bling!
Sidd's new gold tooth. 
My hero.  Ken walking back down the hill to rescue me.  See his shirt?  That's Sean Hayes' new cd.  I wrote to him and told him how much I love his music and asked him to send shirts so we could sport them on our trip and tell everyone how amazing he is, and he did it! Thanks Sean!

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