24 June 2010


This is going to be the highlight of the trip.  Colorado.  It's where this story actually begins, well, at least the organ donation portion.  I lived in Aurora, a suburb of Colorado for about 4-5 years back in the late 90's, and I felt really at home there from the moment we rolled in to town.  I did well there, working my way up from the billing department at AT&T to a Telecom Tech at Qwest, to a Telecom Engineer for Janus Fund.  I was not prepared to lose my daughter, and when that happened my life began to fall apart at the seams.  It has been a rough decade for me.  And it is hard to come back here.  But I feel it is important for me to do so.  As excited as I am to be doing this ride and all that comes with it, I did feel a serious jolt of anxiety rip through me when we crossed the state line.  Another cyclist came along and that helped...

That's Wim.  He is from Belgium.  He likes to write handwritten letters to his people back home.  He thinks it is more personal and thoughtful and we agreed.  A few miles down the road and we saw another fellow traveler.  This time an eastbounder riding out of SF but originally from Louisville, KY.  I found Jeff delightful, funny, and VERY in love with his fiance.  He was really missing her!
Jeff got rid of his front panniers.  I would too, I think.
What's this about?  Yep, Ken got another flat.  That makes 6 for him, and ZERO for me.  Oh I probably shouldn't have said that.  We stayed last night in Eads, which was a 60 mile ride for us.  We have another 60 miles ahead of us today.  I am looking forward to spending some time in Denver (2 weeks we think) but it's getting harder to pedal there.  I don't know what that's about.  I think I am just tired.
Speaking of tired.  :)  Simon continues to be a trooper.  He seems so happy doing this, even in the heat.  He is so cute and he makes me laugh so much.  I love Simon.

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