17 June 2010

100 MILES!

I don't know what we were thinking!!  No, really.  Why do cyclists want to push themselves to this point?  Oh yeah!  So we can BRAG!!!
Oh yeah!!!  Thank you tailwinds!  :)

I don't think we will ever do this again.  It feels good to have accomplished this lofty goal and there's no better place than in Kansas to do it, but we are so DONE today that we are in a motel for two nights!  lol  We had a blast riding, though, and saw so many cyclists.  More than the rest of our ride combined.  There was a 58 mile stretch from Nickerson to Larned where there were no services, no place to fill up your water or eat or even use a restroom.  It was VERY RURAL.  Much of it was protected land.  
Right after we entered the wildlife area we saw some wildlife:
Oops...  That's not wildlife!  But this is:
There were 4 adults and about a dozen babies.  They flew a little bit up into the trees on the other side of the road.  So cute!
Gobble gobble!
The wetlands scenic overlook. 
We met some more cyclists here.
We couldn't chat too long, though, since we had so many miles to go!
They quickly caught up and Ken handed Lee one of our cards.

There are lots of flowers out here.  It's so pretty!
Apparently lots of things grow out here.  What????
And on Peace Road too?  lol!
Jake and John caught up to us even though we left before them.
Jake Break.  :)
We rolled into Larned, and tempting as it was to stop here, we pushed on.
On the other side of town these guys told us about a fierce headwind they'd been riding into for about 20 miles.  Which for us translates into: TAILWINDS!!!  
We pedaled and pedaled and pedaled...
through millions of acres of wheat and corn farms.
Until we finally reached our destination of Lacrosse, and our goal of 100 miles!!  We are in the Green Acres Motel which is newly remodeled and very affordable!  We are so impressed with it, and so grateful to be staying here.  There is a great restaurant next door too!  I think we will stay one more day...  Gnite everyone!
Sleepy Simon says goodnite too.


  1. I used to do a century every few weeks back before I was married. It's a distant memory now. I'm lucky to do 50 miles in a day...unloaded. Good job guys!!

  2. It's the people we meet that makes an adventure meaningful. BTW nice tan.

  3. Thanks Mark. It's only nice on the front though. LOL!

    A century every few weeks Tiff? Holy effin crap! You are a warrior!

  4. Must be hard work riding in his camper. Simon looks exhausted. :-)