09 June 2010

Exciting Storms!

We've had some close calls with storms lately!  On the way into Hartville we had clear skies, or so we thought.  The clouds quickly got dark and we knew it would rain on us soon so we started looking for shelter.  We spotted a place and headed off into the thick grass, riding across the field and into this big empty building at the exact moment is starting pouring.  3 minutes later it started hailing.  CLOSE CALL!
Our safe place!
The hail was pretty small, the biggest pieces being dime-sized or so.
We came out unscathed but unfortunately the Tin Man lost his life.

We got back on the road and got into Hartville just in time to prepare for another storm.  We were camping on the courthouse lawn so we didn't have the option of a motel room so Ken tightened the tent down really good and we took our dinner inside.  It was our first BIG SCARY storm and the tent leaked a little but we were so tired we slept through most of that thunder and lightening even though it went on nearly all night long.  Ken fixed the tent the next morning and we were back on the road early.

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