01 June 2010

Fellow Cyclists

We've started seeing more cyclists lately, and it is always fun to meet them and hear their stories.  One night we shared a campsite at Powder Mills campground with Alfredo and Alicia who when not cycling travel the world full time on their sailboat!  They had also walked from Mexico to Canada together.  Alfredo is from Italy and Alicia is from New Orleans.  They don't own a house or many possessions and say they love their free lifestyle.  They were such an interesting and fun couple!

They rode with us for a few minutes but we were too slow.  :)
So they took off ahead of us, only to meet up with us later at the Powder Mill Campground where we shared a gorgeous campsite and jumped into the COLD river.
Using my JRLiggetts soap to wash up in the Current River.
Behind our campsite looked enchanted.

We also met Mark Aguilar from Hawaii, recently divorced and seeing the country as a single man.  He rides 100 miles a day!
And Gary Fifield, a pediatrician riding the Great Lakes route, then taking the TransAm to Berea to see his brother.

And we met John, who had heard about us from Alfredo and Alicia!  It's fun to hear stories about people and then meet them!  All we know about John is that Alicia and Alfredo liked him.  We didn't spend much time talking to him since Ken was fixing his broken chain.

Rescued once again - Thanks Dad!
While we waited, I took pictures of my feet.  :)

Which one do you like better?  B&W or color?  I couldn't decide!


  1. Color. But B&W is pretty cool so maybe B&W. No I'll stay with color.

  2. You should figure out that photo shop trick where you can make everything black and white except for the flower! That would be perfect!! I need to learn photoshop!!

  3. LOL - I think I can combine both responses and do the Color Splash thing on Photoshop. Actually, my Mom is already on it. We are going to make the flower pale pink, I think. :)

  4. I vote B&W. They are always my favorite because they capture the mood.

  5. Hi Ken & Jen. I'm the John in the picture above. It was good meeting you and then following you on your journal as you crossed the country. Good luck in South Fork. Alicia and Alfredo are back on their boat in Mexico.

  6. Hi John! We met some friends of yours... I can't remember their names right now, but she works at a hospital and he works with you at Fat Tire. :)

    Do you ski? If so, you should come hang out. You aren't that far away from us. :) Email us: JBallentine68@gmail.com