21 September 2010

Woodhead Park

Idaho Power has created some spectacular lakes and dams and the camping around them is truly an experience. The ride to get there was other-worldly.

We stopped to take a lot of pictures.

The road to get there was winding and there were no cars.
A butterfly landed on my toes.  :)
And we saw some old equipment that looked like creatures to me.

When we arrived at this park we thought it was so awesome looking there that we would stay for the night instead of crossing the state line into Oregon.  We were only about 5 miles away but a camping experience here was not to be missed.  We got the best site in the whole place by pedaling about a mile into the park and picking a spot right on the water.

See the man fishing?  Kind of gives some perspective on how huge these hills were.

Ken found a fallen Aspen earlier in the day and was working on making a walking stick.
The sun began to set and things started to change...  it just kept getting more and more beautiful.
All around us was this stunning scenery...
And a bright pink and purple sunset.  I liked how the light reflected on that couple down by the shore.  It was like a spotlight was shining right on them.
It didn't help them catch any fish though, according to them.  We were kind of surprised the next morning to see that they had slept out, on just a mattress with no tent.  Kinda romantic, huh?
The sun finished it's evening ritual and soon after the moon came out. It made reflections across the entire lake all night long....
As we slept soundly...


  1. We are planning a trip to brownlee this looks great. Beautiful pictures.

  2. This area is fantastic. One of the best parts of the trip. Have fun!