04 September 2010


We spent several days in Missoula since it was my birthday, and since my parents would be heading back to Mt View AR, calling an end to their portion of the journey with us.  We visited Adventure Cycling and got our pictures taken by the famous Greg Siple (who takes incredibly artsy b/w photos of cyclists), and we were interviewed by one of the Editors so it is very possible we will be either in Bike Bits or in Adventure Cycling Magazine.  The maps they provided us with have proven invaluable, opening up a whole new world to us.  Cyclists are pedaling all over the country on Adventure Cycling maps and it has been a joy to meet so many of them on this trip.
Many a cyclist has stood next to this sign.  :)
Russ had two of these awesome shirts waiting for us.  What a nice thing to do!  Those are the names of the little towns we have pedaled through.  Looking at it reminds me of how close we are getting to the end.  While I do feel an enormous sense of accomplishment, and in spite of finding an ideal winter situation, I am so sad that we won't be out here much longer.
Adventure Cycling began in a tent.  Now it has a nice building in Missoula, a University town with lots of character. Bikes EVERYWHERE.  Bike lanes too.  :)
We were camped at the KOA which just so happened to be right behind REI so I traded in the shoes Michell sent for a pair that was a size smaller.  They fit much better.  I love my Keens SO MUCH!
We also got a new tent.  The zipper broke on our old one and no matter what, you have to be able to zip up your tent.  It's our home, ya know?  So we got a better one this time.  This one has two doors, one for each of us.  Here is Simon's first look at it.
He loves being in the tent.
So does he.
The KOA had a really unique set up for tents.  It was so nice to have this shelter in addition to our tent since it was rainy.  Under the roof there was even a place where you could lock up your stuff, something tenters worry about a lot when going someplace.  The KOA was pricey but it was a nice place to stay in town.
I thought we were losing our tans since it's been so cold, but I guess not, huh?

See that couple behind Ken?  They were Dutch.  The man rode my trike and immediately after, sent us a thank you email telling him how much it meant to him.  While we rode, he told me in broken English with a thick accent that his wife thought the bikes peculiar, and that she was very normal so she didn't want to ride. :)  He also told me that back home they go for bike rides in the country but since they are too old to sit on the ground, they pull a BOB trailer with a little table and chairs in it.  When they see a nice place to pull over, they lay their bikes down in the grass, set up the table and hide the BOB under the tablecloth and sit there and drink wine.  People driving by just see this couple sitting in the middle of nowhere with no clue as to how they got there.  It makes them laugh and when he told me this story, I laughed too.  :)
It's my birthday!  I am 21.  (ahem.  okay.  times 2)
I had birthday cake flavored ice cream with a candle in it.
Simon helped himself to some while Grandpa gave him rabbit ears.  lol!
 He loves ice cream but of course we don't often let him have it (Simon, not Grandpa - snicker). This ice cream was especially tasty - it was from the Stone Cold Creamery.  YUM.
This woodpecker must have really been into himself.  He sat here in this tree for a long time trying to get to know that bird reflecting in the window.  Jeesh.  Gorgeous bird, though.  Guess you can't blame him.
At first glance, it may appear as though my Dad is having some more ice cream...
Upon closer examination, one might still think that...
However, after taking a bite, my Dad realized it was not really ice cream he was eating.  Well, it sort of was.  It was Mountain House dehydrated dessert and while the taste was consistent with the more traditional ice cream sammiches, the texture certainly wasn't!  It was more like really crunchy sweet styrofoam.  I love Mountain House foods, but I think we will pass on this one in the future.  I just wish I'd had the video camera on when my Dad took that first bite.  LOL
My Dad and I took a walk together, knowing it would be our last one for awhile.
I miss you so much already Dad.  Thank you for all your loving support.

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