22 September 2010

Oregon, Our Last State - THIS Year!

Crossing into Oregon was awesome.  More of the same scenery from Idaho went on for many miles, and as we climbed our way through the toughest parts of Hells Canyon we couldn't help but talk about how the ride was coming to an end soon.  Hells Canyon is unbelievable. Parts of it are farmland, but other parts are like being on the moon, or on a movie set or something.  Has anyone else ever been here?  If so, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on the place.
I can't get my mind around how far we've pedaled!!
This was the bridge that took us across the Snake River and into Oregon.
There were places all along here where you could camp.
Ken steers clear of a berry bush.  :)  PTSD

The climb into Oxbow was steep, but not too long.  It wasn't bad.
We stopped at Scotty's Store... great flowers there.

Poor Simon.  He didn't like standing on this thing.
Approaching the town of Halfway we saw some cool barns.

We camped next to this one.  :)
The climb out of the valley was tough, but this is what we saw once we got away from the town and on top of the hills.  So incredible, it felt like we were the only people out there.

We eventually came through some forest, and then out the other side to see this.

Oregon Trail Wagon.
Mo takin a ride.  :)
What a sunset!

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  1. I've been out of town for a few weeks so I just got caught back up on your trip. Are you still planning on going back to the Rockies this year by bike? I am thinking that was your original plan.

    When I lived in Boise, I drove out to Hell's Canyon for a day of biking. I wasn't on the same road as you, I think. It was beautiful! The wind was constantly blowing and made it to where I couldn't hear a thing other than the rush of it bloing past my ears. But once, it stopped long enough for me to hear the natural sounds of the canyon...the birds singing, and the water flowing. Some of the hills were very tough but the view I got at the end of the ride was worth it. I wished I had more time to keep biking on the road but the sun was setting and I needed to get back home. Very beautiful place...and not much traffic!