03 September 2010

Chief Joseph Pass and The Bike Trail to Lolo

Woohoo!  Another summit conquered!

Right as we reached the top my Dad pulled up and snapped a couple of pictures.  Fun surprise!
Speaking of FUN, the other side of this pass was miles and miles of downhill.  Near the bottom we met these two, who were about to head up what we had just flown down.  My heart went out to them as I began to fill up with gratitude that we were westbounders.  :)  David and Martha had come all the way from Alaska and were on their way to Nebraska on The 'Aska Tour.  WOW!
As you can see we took pictures of each other.  :)  We noticed David had a really nice camera so we asked him about different kinds that are good for getting longer distance shots.  We also learned that they are going to take on a caretaking job this winter back in Alaska.  Kind of a work/live arrangement. NICE!
We pedaled through some areas that had evidently been affected by fires some time ago.  And we pedaled past a NEW fire that had just started before we arrived. Scary.
It is sad to see the mountains looking so barren.
There was still much beauty though.
But is says DO NOT ENTER, Ken!
Perhaps this is why??
We just pedaled on through and no one said anything to us.  Just past this construction a beautiful bike trail took us all the way to Lolo where we spent the night, then headed in to Missoula the next day.
The view from the bike trail was often like this.

I had just told Ken that when we "settle down" I want to paint our bee boxes lots of different colors, and then we saw these.  Up until I said that, we had only seen white ones.  Hmmph.
Simon taking a break.  

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