24 September 2010

Central Oregon

This part of the country certainly is interesting, geologically speaking especially.  There are so many fossil beds, and cliffs, and lava rocks, etc, and pedaling through it has been such a cool experience.  This post will cover several days of travel, going through some of the small towns of Central Oregon...

A shoe tree...  out in the middle of nowhere.  What is this about???
Another flat.  Hmmph!

Ken fixes my flats for me.  So chivalrous!  
This was so weird!  There's no SS bldg here, just a sign.

I thought I smelled smoke.
One big worm!

This kitty came into our tent while we were sleeping, and spent the entire night cuddled up with us.  Simon likes cats and he seemed to enjoy the company, I think...
He still wasn't ready to get out of bed in the morning, though.
Folk art.  lol
More horses running with us.  I will sure miss that!
Oh oh!  My shifter cable was coming apart.  Those little wires are SHARP.
Luckily we happened upon this place and Mike fixed me up.
And he didn't charge us!  Thanks Mike for all you do for cyclists!
Ken leans just like the sign!
This may be the cutest Post Office yet.  Er, I mean, Pony Express Depot.
This cute store had a new tube that fit the BOB.  And there was a yummy restaurant across the street owned by the same nice folks.
We camped at this church.  There was a homeless hitch hiker staying inside, and in the morning when we came inside to get our stuff, he came out and tried to tell us to SHUT UP and threatened to call the pastor.  What???  Ken told him to go ahead, and the guy left but no pastor came.  We were kind of wishing he would have.  These nice people that offer cyclists such a great place to stay, with showers and wifi and a kitchen, shouldn't be dealing with people like that.  
Einstein.  Our latest addition.  :)

Home for the night.


  1. I first heard of Shoe Trees reading Heidi Domeisen's blog on CGOAB. She came across one in Nevada.

    They kind of remind me of the Bra-tree at Aspen, which has been copied all over the place now. Seems like shoe trees are springing up other places too.

    Here's some reading about them for some time when you're bored and have time.




    and one near me in NY: http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o=RrzKj&page_id=23603&v=17

  2. Ilove that post office...so cool! And great name for your new addition. Looks just like him! I think you should have kept the cat...lol. What a fun little surprise. And the cat probably appreciated it very much.