08 September 2010


We went off route just a few miles so we could get to a pharmacy in Kamiah, and opted to stay there instead of returning to Kooskia.  Labor Day Weekend in Kamiah meant Free BBQ Days, a parade, and as it turned out, a wonderful new friendship for us.  Jan and Tom were at the grocery store when we stopped to get some dinner and root beers and they saw Simon in his camper, which prompted a conversation.  They have two little dogs named Chester and Jessie.  Although Jan and Tom don't look it, both of them are Indians.  We ran into them the next morning at breakfast too so we took some pictures of them, and of the parade and all the people of Kamiah lining the streets.  It was hard to leave but we had a long way to go, and much upness to overcome.  The climb that day was grueling.  Hi Jan and Tom!
We were on the Indian Reservation but it didn't really seem like it.  A lot of people who live here are not Indians.  That is due in part to many pieces of land that were previously deeded to white people and are not part of the reservation in spite of technically being on it.  Kamiah was a fun town, nice people, and they put on an awesome parade!  It rained a little bit but that didn't stop this little town from having fun!

The competition over the parade candy was fierce.
That guy was spinning madly.  Vomit.

They had an auction too, and huge things like this were sold.
Jan and Tom.  Our new friends.
Jan had just gotten her diploma in the mail that morning.  That is something to be VERY proud of!
See her necklace?  It's a JenTile with a Treble Clef on it.  :)
This was taken outside the museum.  We tried to go there so I could see Jan's Indian dress that is on display there.  Unfortunately it was closed, but Jan sent me this picture.  Pretty awesome!

Jan also had weaves these out of Pondarosa Pine Needles.  She gives them to women with breast cancer, something she knows all too much about after losing two daughters to this disease within 9 months of each other.  Sharing the loss of our daughters made our connection an even deeper one.  I think it's wonderful that she gives her time and love to help women with cancer.

Kamiah was a an off-route town, and I am so glad we took that detour.  Even if the climbs were more difficult than they would have been if we'd stayed on route....  stay tuned for more about the ride to Grangeville.

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