26 February 2010

Seventeen More Days...

Or, as my mom rephrased it yesterday, "Two weeks and three days."  YIKES!  This is unlike any other kind of anticipation I've experienced.  In the past I've felt butterflies in my stomach, of course, but this is different - it's more like there are wasps in there!  Moments of realization actually kinda hurt!  It's okay, though, I am making those wasps fly in formation and I am looking my fears in the eyes.  Of course I'm scared!  Who wouldn't be???  But I am more excited than scared and I know, I have Faith, that everything is going to work out exactly as it should and that people's lives will be saved because of this ride.  What a blessing it is to have been given this adventuresome opportunity to help people!

Yesterday Ken cleaned the trikes and lubed the chains and got BOB2 all loaded and ready for his first ride.  Our next trip will be a fully loaded one up and down the biggest hills near us.  I predict we will come home and see what we can do without so we can lighten our load.  We're not getting carried away with that, though, like one person we read about who actually drilled out the handle of his toothbrush (wow), but we are going to be really streamlined and efficient.  We are fighting with ourselves about what clothes to bring since we didn't find any eco-responsible sponsors to outfit us.  Patagonia stuff would have been great but our thrift shop finds will also do.

My dad told me yesterday that when he is running the world, that one of the first things he will do is create a law that states, "NO MORE CLOTHES WILL BE MADE FOR 2 YEARS."  He and I agree that the world is FULL of piles of clothes and that it is our demand for more, more, more that creates those piles.  In an effort to support our planet we wanted to wear nothing but organic clothes for this ride but it didn't take us long to figure out we can't afford them, and that paying that much would NOT make us part of the solution. So, when you see us, you can rest assured our entire outfits, head to toe, came from our local thrift shops (we love you Haven) and cost about $10.  No more new clothes, Dad!

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