25 February 2010

Eighteen Days

I peeked out the window just now and was quite relieved to see NO SNOW.  When we got home from Cary yesterday evening it sure looked like it was going to snow, and a few people had expressed their concern about us riding in it.  I would have to say the cold weather is our biggest concern at this point.  We have warm clothes and great sleeping bags but the thought of not being able to come home and get out of the cold is more than a bit unsettling.  The tent will by cozy, I am sure, but what about getting OUT of the tent early in the mornings, or in the middle of the night if nature calls?  It makes me cry a little to think about that.

Yesterday's shopping went great!  We were able to get BOB2 for $60 cheaper than the normal price and we got some lights to put on BOB1 and BOB2 so we can be seen if we get caught out at night.  We also got some really great headlamps that will serve as headlights at night and will allow us to set up camp with our hands free.  They also have a red light on them which will keep our night vision working better and they have a strobe feature on them for emergencies, or for raves.  :)

After we left R.E.I. we spent the afternoon stuffing envelopes in Raleigh.  Yep, stuffing envelopes.  lol  We volunteered at the Sierra Club and helped get some VERY important information out to our fellow members.  We also met some terrific people and enjoyed so much talking to them with our mouths full of Trader Joe's dark chocolate hearts truffles.  YUM! 

Our BOBs look like this:

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