27 February 2010

Ashby (Turtle) Joins Us for 35 Miles

Today was Ashby's first time pulling his Burley.  The guys were trying to figure out where to put the flag.  :)
We all had LOTS to talk about all day.  Great ideas were exchanged and after the ride we had a yummy dinner.  Ken made Grilled Tofurkey and Not-Cheese Sammiches.  40/30/30 of course!
We rode 35 miles today - Ken with (we think) about 60-70 lbs in the BOB2.  He figured out before we left today that BOB2's tire was only about half full yesterday!  That was actually reassuring since he didn't have any trouble pulling it.  Ashby came from Garner to ride with us and was very pleased to learn that he CAN ride for a long time, up big hills, without his Bionix.  We really enjoyed his company.  He's the first person to ever join Ken and I on one of our longer rides.
We thought Simon might object to having another triker with us, but he seemed really comfortable with Ashby.  This was taken on one of our breaks.  He was getting sleepy in the sun.

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