14 February 2010

Holly Berries and Snow

These holly berries grow just outside the window where Ken and I do our crafting.  Many beautiful birds such as Cardinals, Robins, Tufted Titmouses (Titmice?) Blue Jays and Cedar Waxwings appear early in the morning to eat from these holly bushes. 
Simon and Jen waiting for Ken to COME ON ALREADY!  We were ready to go for a walk!  The sun melted most of the snow pretty early in the day which made what snow was left PERFECT for snowballs. Trying to be the mature 41yr old woman that I am, I resisted the nearly overpowering urge to throw snowballs at Ken.  Last time I threw something at him (some sort of fluffy thing I found at the park) he was mad for about 10 minutes!  My laughing the whole time didn't help - lol - so I opted not to start a snowball fight yesterday and today I am filled with regret at the missed opportunity.  Next time it snows, it's ON.


  1. Your weather looks bad in my eyes! All that white stuff around!

    Still enjoying this blog. Thank you, Pa & Ma

  2. It looks bad to us too since it's not much fun to ride the trikes in the snow, but it's too beautiful not to love it anyway!

  3. coooooool market - where is it? yum~~

  4. It's in Tramway, E. Right off the Hwy, across from the bike shop.