04 February 2010

Galen and Karen Ballentine

These are Jen's AWESOME parents, Galen and Karen.  Without them The Just BeCauses TerraTrike Tour might very well have been a dream that could not come true.  "Thank you so much Mom and Dad!  It will be a real gift to be able to spend time together in this way and we are so glad you will be with us on our epic journey.  We love you so much!" HUGS! 
GB and KB travel full time in their RV so are used to traveling - perhaps this is where I (Jen) get my desire to roam - my parents are gypsies!  We really value their experience and advice.  Check out their blog at:  Loving Retirement and see all the neat things they do.  They fly kites, play music, and do all sorts of interesting and fun things!  You should buy one of their cd's, if they have any left, because they are quickly becoming famous bluegrass/folk musicians!  Karen plays a mean mountain dulcimer and Galen plays a washtub bass, guitar, mandolin, and he sings and songwrites.  Mom writes lyrics too, digitally scraps all of their memories and is a creative genius.  I am so lucky - I have THE BEST parents!

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  1. Hi, i met you dad and mom last week in mountain view ozark folk center. Really enjoyed visiting and his song about Walmart. I have the video of him. I would like to communicate with him .... Give him my email. Thanks.