16 February 2010

Eat Local Foods!

Welcome to Jackson Bros where we get our local produce.  http://www.jacksonbros.com/
Their produce always looks and tastes great and we love supporting our local farmers.  Did you know that in addition to contributing to the local economy and enjoying fresher, healthier foods, buying local is one of the best ways to help our honey bees?  There are LOTS of reasons to shop locally rather than at the big stores.  Watch Food, Inc., if you haven't already seen it.  Local veggies are about all I can stomach after watching that horrifying and important documentary about where our food comes from.  Seriously.
Jackson Bros always has a wide variety of apples and other great stuff to choose from.  Did you know that an estimated 70% of the "food" we get from the big stores and from restaurants contains at least one ingredient in it that has been genetically modified?  Usually more than one!
Here's Ken paying the owner, Mitchell Jackson.  Mitchell said he wouldn't charge us for taking his picture.  LOL  He also wished us good luck on our Tour. Thanks Mitchell. We appreciate you and your market very much.  :)
Ken and Jen, grateful to be having yet another healthy, happy day.

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