24 February 2010


19 days left to go and we are NERVOUS! This move-up in the schedule leaves us with less time to arrange our minds around such a huge lifestyle change.  Right now I find myself wondering about my new morning routine.  I know it won't contain any of my current morning rituals - waking up to the coffee I pre-made last night, getting online to do my morning reading and emails, enjoying the warmth of central heat, wandering to the fridge for a snack...  But when I imagine unzipping our tent as the sun comes up, peering out and seeing the Rocky Mountains or the countless other beautiful views we will find ouselves immersed in over the next 6 months, I know it will be worth it.  But right now, I am clinging tightly to my favorite coffee cup.  I will really miss my caramel creamer...

Today we are going to Cary to get more supplies, as well as a second BOB Trailer.  Thank goodness they have one there at the R.E.I. because we ran out of time to order one from TerraTrike!  Thanks for the donations that came in just in time!!!  This weekend, weather permitting, we will be camping at San-Lee, a short dry run to help us figure some things out.  I really hope it stays warm.


  1. Well most places have free wi-fi so you can take your laptop so you can keep us all informed with a journal and pictures. You could also see about staying with family on your journery as you pass by.

  2. Oh yes, we are planning to bring the computer. Blogging this trip is important to us and everyone will be able to follow us the whole way.