26 July 2010

Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge

Hoosier Pass.  The highest climb of the entire TransAm Trail.  And on the day we arrive guess what is happening there?  ROAD WORK.  Since our trikes are much wider than the average bike, the guys working on the road said they would take us to the top.  As much as it pained us to miss out on this big climb, we finally submitted and let them drag us up.  With the huge trucks going up and down all around us, not only would we have been in the way, it would have been unsafe.  Sigh.
Our anti-climactic arrival at the top of Hoosier Pass.  See the truck behind the sign?  It's one of the two that drove us and all our gear to the top.
Mo made it to the top too.  He also got a ride in the truck.  :)  See him?
Slow enough for ya?  It was at this point that they got on the radio and tried explaining that there were two people on TerraTrikes (whatever those are) who want to ride to the top.  Then the DoT trucks pulled up on the other side of the road and we put our stuff in back and climbed in.
I can't lie.  It was a bit of a relief since I wasn't up to par on this day.  Funny I felt better when we hit the downhill on the other side.  And what a downhill it was!  Miles and miles of it until we finally landed in Breckenridge.  What a FUN town!  I'd been skiing there before and liked it then but had never seen it in the summer time and had no idea there was a bike trail there.  The scenery was on a whole new level.  Wow.

Can you see me?
See the strange looking pattern on the mountain behind me?  Those are all the Breckenridge ski areas.  
Oops!  I almost forgot!  Before Hoosier Pass there was this cute little town called Alma.  And they had a store called, get this...  AL-MART.  It was such a cool store too.  Nothing like that other store!
We now proudly wear AL-MART stickers on our panniers.  :)
This area is called the South Park region, and I am a fan of the show so of course I had to get a shot of this little store in Fairplay.  See the Kenny flag?  I wanted Ken to get one and fly it on his trike but they weren't open...  not that Ken would have gotten one anyway.  lol

Anyway, back to the trail...  There are hundreds of miles of this gorgeous trail running around these mountians and if we could have stayed on them forever I would have been happy.  But we have a commitment to keep and there was still much ground to cover so on we pressed.

This was near Dillon, where we spent the night in an incredible place right on the lake.  Heaton Bay Campground was right off the bike trail and had some of the most spectacular scenery so far.
Now this is a Colorado campground!
It was HARD to leave here...
It was a little cloudy and a few raindrops fell in the night so I woke up thinking we could stay another day.  We watched the sun trying to come up through the smoky clouds and eventually the sky cleared.  Not lucky enough to get rained in this time.

So we packed our things and hopped back on the bike path for what would be yet another amazing day.

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