26 July 2010

The Donor Dash

The much anticipated Donor Dash was even more of an event that we'd expected.  With nearly 3500 people running or walking the 5K, it was quite a big deal!  Can you imagine all those people, all of them touched by organ donation in one way or another, just like I have been.  There were teams of recipients running in memory of their donors.  There were recipients running that would never have been able to do so if not for their transplants.  There was lots of laughter and lots of tears, and the energy there was LOVE LOVE LOVE.  We found a shady spot near the finish line and set up our trikes with signs on them explaining our need for help with trip expenses, we set up a table and put JenTiles on them, and we then proceeded to try to get some financial help for the remainder of our trip.  We talked to people all morning and sold 16 JenTiles plus got some cash donations!  We made almost $300 and that will sure help!
The Start Line. 
Teams and individuals came to run/walk.  It was a gorgeous morning for it.  Washington Park is my favorite of all the great parks in the Denver area.
Read the signs.  Wow.
This team had a clever name.  lol
The bags they gave out had healthy stuff in it.  These kids were kinda bummed about that.
I couldn't resist...  I asked him if he'd gotten a liver, and he said....
Ken selling JenTiles.  That's my cousin Peggy sitting on my trike.  It was really nice to get to know her better.  My Dad and Mom were also there to help out with the Dash.
JenTiles galore!  I get so attached to them that I take pictures so I can always a memory of them.
This is Dave Legg!  I met him right after Alex died when I did a TV show with Dave to raise awareness for donation.  He is a liver recipient, and he introduced me to Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead who is also a liver recipient!  Good times.  It was great to see him again and it was nice to get one of his hugs.  They are the real thing!  It made my day to see him after all these years.
This is a poster of Dave's donor, Rob.  11 years ago Rob became Dave's donor and Dave has been so appreciative ever since.  He is very active in raising awareness and has done the Donor Dash every year since his transplant, even though it is getting harder for him each year.
There were many posters like the one Dave had, each with the face of a Donor on it.  I would have liked to have gotten one with Alex's picture on it but I didn't know about it until too late.  Nor would I have been able to spend the money on it, though.  It was very powerful to see them all lined up together.
Nicole Williams from Donor Alliance has been on board with our trip since WAY before we even left.  It was wonderful to see her smiling face after all this time!
They had a ceremony following the Dash and after the last speaker they released thousands of balloons into the sky while music played over the speakers.  The balloons were symbolic and everyone was silent as they floated upward until they were gone.
I sure wish I had a bigger lens for this.  It was something to see.
The End.

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  1. I didn't know you could comment here...You guys look great. The photos are awesome.