02 July 2010

Pike's Peak and the Cog Train

My Mom said, "You have to go up to the top of Pike's Peak, and you have to take the Cog Train up there."  She had done this before a year ago last January and said it was something to see so we all piled on to the Leadville Car of the Cog Train and took it to the top.  My Mom was right.  A trip up there is not to be missed. Since Pike's Peak stands apart from the mountain range you can see forever from the top. Strangely, they had the best potato chips up there... wasn't expecting that.  :)

The train was FULL of people.
This guy had the best seat but we sat just a few rows back from the front. The windows of the train were half open so you could feel the breeze and take good pictures.  When we neared the top everyone closed their windows.  I'm not sure what the temp was up there but I was wishing I'd worn pants.  I am used to heat, not cold!  It was invigorating though!
These are people who maintain the trails and place salt licks for the wildlife.  Great job, eh?
All aboard!  The train only stays up there a short time.  Just long enough for the passengers to grab a bite and take some pictures which is exactly what we did.  Wanna see the view from 14,110 feet?
You can see 5 states from up here.  Can you guess which ones?
They say water helps with the altitude sickness.  I had coffee instead and felt just fine.  Ken got a little woozy though.  Snicker.
Mo!!  Mo made it to the top of Pike's Peak with us and posed for some pictures.
Dad's silliness makes us all laugh every time.  lol
Our train had three cars on it and at one point the front car was three stories higher than than the back car.  We were on a 25% grade.

I tried but there is just no way to get it all in the camera. 

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