10 July 2010

News Stories

I just received this very helpful link from Donor Alliance in Denver.  It contains all the media coverage we received and unlike the videos at the actual news websites, this one will not go away so you can bookmark it and save it if you want to.  Meeting Dillon  Below are a few "behind the scenes" shots to give you an idea of what is was like for all of us to interview.
Jessica from Ch5 (NBC) was first on the scene and was the only one to get us riding up to Sunnyside Church on our trikes.  She did such a great job getting and telling our story.  Thanks Jess!

She interviewed me where I am most comfortable.  You can't see him, but Simon is in his camper.
Fox was there too.

And so was Ch 11 (CBS).  They did some very thorough interviewing.

Ken got to know the kids while they waited for me to finish my interview.
Dillon and Ken talked about video games. 
And afterwards we all went to Culvers for Butter Burgers and Custard.  Yum!  Next to Dillon is his Dad, Brandon, his sister Hayley, his brother Cooper, and his Mom, Laura.
The Jaaps are a wonderful family, and we look forward to a lasting friendship with them.  We thank them for being so appreciative of Alex's gift.
Hi Dillon!  Thanks for doing the media stuff.  It was brave of you.  And thank you again for the medal.  I will always, always treasure it.  Good luck at this years games.  We will be cheering for you!

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  1. What a great story. It's been wonderful to follow your journey from day one.