05 January 2010

A Warm and Heartfelt Thanks to All

We wanted to thank all that contributed to raising the monies involved to purchase our TerraTrikes. Your selfless generosity is very heartfelt by us. When we started this venture we started it with just a grain of hope and faith. Izzi (Higher Power) has taken it to a place we never expected. As the time went by and we saw Izzi moving through people and all the "coincidence" that occurred we were really very much in awe of what we were taking part in.  We realize today that what we are about to embark on is a very big and good thing. I (Ken) would like to thank especially Jen's Mother and Father in their support of this venture.  Their emails and contributions to our morale have been a major factor in us being able to get this far. We feel very blessed to have their support now and on the road in the future. I would also like to mention TerraTrike for their strong support in our mission and having the faith in us to put themselves on the line for our cause.  Everyone that has contributed to this event has our blessings. Without you all working together for the greater good none of this could have happened. This has boosted my faith in my fellow human beings. This is something that I lacked for a while but have gotten back because of you all being good compassionate people that cared about what message we will be trying to get out. Our Trikes should be here by Saturday. Of course there will be blog posts with pictures of the delivery and opening the boxes.  In the few months coming before the start date we will be training on the Trikes and putting on a few benefit rallies in North Carolina reflecting Donate Life and TerraTrike. So stay tuned for upcoming coverage.  We will be leaving the Donation Button up and going for those who would like to contribute to the trip itself. All in all Jen and I have never felt so Blessed. Thanks so much.

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  1. You're welcome! Still lots to do but you are well on your way!

    Jen's parents, Galen & Karen