10 January 2010

Dog Attack! Not really.

Rural Methodist Church with a red door where we stopped to stretch our legs. 

We were a bit worried about dogs attacking us since we sit so low - about FACE level with a dog - but that was not the case with this "Dog attack."  This scraggly bowser loved Ken and tried to kiss him!!  When we left he ran along with us for awhile.  We were worried that we would follow us all the way home and were relieved when he turned around.  He was a sweet dog but Simon would not have liked that one bit!
We overdid it a bit today but still had a great time.  We rode for about 5 straight hours in this cold (34 degrees) and aren't exactly sure how many miles we went.  We got to use the blinking lights that came as part of our safety package since it was nearly dark by the time we pulled into our yard.  Boy were we glad to be home!!  Whew!  Tomorrow will be a lighter day.  We did learn alot about longer rides, though, and tried out the Bob trailer which worked great.  With each day we ride we are gaining some more confidence about the Tour.  We are so glad it will be warmer by the time we leave!


  1. Was Ken wearing his Milkbone underwear? That looks like a nice dog. Glad you are having fun riding! Maybe we can try them out some day.

  2. You bet...I would only be worried about you not coming back after you found out how fun they are...lol