11 January 2010

Rollin Around Town

In the gazebo at our Kiwanis park where we used to walk, and where we now RIDE!  Bikes aren't allowed in some parts of the park, but the sign doesn't say anything about trikes... hmmm....  LOL

A quick snapshot outside the store.  It was cold today but not nearly as cold as it has been so we didn't have to get quite as bundled up.  We also didn't ride 25 miles, which is what we figured out yesterday's ride was.

Ken smiling his way up the hill on Sunset Drive.  Hills are so easy now, if you can handle a slow pace which in our opinion is the whole point. 

The Sanford Herald - hopefully our first media coverage will happen here.  We spoke with them today and gave them our packet of info about Donate Life, TerraTrike, and the Tour.

We also went here.  Don't tell them but we've never watched or listened to any of their programming (we don't really watch much tv).  They just happened to be next door to the Herald and we thought 'why not' since we plan to tell EVERYONE about what we are doing and why!

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