22 January 2010

The Best Soap Ever!

Since we will be taking very few things with us on the Just Be-Causes Tour we are going to be careful about what those things are.  We don't want to be advertising for companies we don't believe in - such as (brace yourself, this might hurt) Burt's Bees who recently sold out to Clorox. Vomit.  By doing our research and learning about how to best represent our beliefs while supporting companies who's priorities match our own we hope to find products we can use and tell others about.  The soap you see pictured above is going with us FOR SURE, and I want to recommend it to all of you.  It is WONDERFUL, and at around $5 a bar (which lasts forever) you have replaced your soap and your shampoo and your conditioner!  It can be found in health food stores or ordered online at:  J.R.Ligget's Shampoo Bar
Know of any similar companies that would benefit from being with us on our ride?  We prefer they be environmentally friendly, part of the solution, and small or family owned.  Please do not hesitate to tell us about them.  We would love to know!

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