01 October 2010


Sisters, for us, meant not only amazing views, but amazing people as well.  While on the side of the road...
...a friendly lady stopped her truck and asked if we knew where we were spending the night.  Still a few miles from Sisters we didn't know exactly where we were going to stay, so she offered to let us stay with her and her husband Steve.  They were WarmShowers hosts who had recently begun hosting cyclists in their lovely, comfortable home.  They fed us a delicious home-cooked meal and listened to our stories for hours.  :) It was one of those Random Acts of Kindness that have astounded us this entire trip.

Steve and Karen.  They ride a tandem.  :)
Their friendly dog, Zeke.
 Ken lets Steve take a ride.
 Of course he enjoyed it.  I have yet to hear anyone who doesn't like riding a TerraTrike.  They all get a similar smile on their faces.  The same smile as the one I've been wearing for half a year!
Above their garage they have a little apartment that cyclists have all to themselves.  It was so very comfortable there, and we slept great.  Thanks Howrey's!  Cyclists, don't miss this stop!

After we left the Howrey's we pedaled a few miles into the quaint little town of Sisters and found a place to have breakfast.  A little place with big portions. :)

 While eating we met these friendly folks, Barb and Jeff...
And Tammy.  Tammy's husband is waiting for a kidney!  They stopped us after we'd left the cafe and gave us a donation and wished us well on the remaining miles of our trip.  We pray Tammy's husband gets his kidney.

Just as we were about to head on up toward the much-anticipated McKenzie Pass, a carpet cleaning van pulled up along side us and the people inside were waving at us frantically.  Pressured from the traffic behind them, they pulled ahead and disappeared.  A few minutes later they came back, and this time their window was down and they were yelling our names!  Who were these people???
Jim and Paula had been following us on Ken's CrazyGuy Journal since we left!  They knew all about Simon, our taste for Root Beer, and our new shoes.  :)  Jim rides a quad made at Utah Trikes. It was fun meeting someone like that.  It kinda made us feel famous for a few minutes.  :)  McKenzie Pass would put us back in our places, though.  The tough climb right after all this attention quickly humbled us.
Paula bought a "Luck" JenTile.  :)  Is it working for you, Paula?  Let us hear from you!
Stay tuned for the ride up and over McKenzie Pass. The view from the top is very unique!  And the ride down was my favorite descent ever!


  1. Beautiful! I would love to do this!! :D

  2. What's stopping you, Chrystal? GO FOR IT! Your life will change, I promise! :)