02 October 2010

Florence Oregon - WE MADE IT!

Florence, OR was a town we'd been talking about for 6 months.  Since this small coastal town was our final destination our arrival in Florence was much anticipated.  I'd envisioned (in slow motion of course) running hand in hand down the sandy beach after dipping our tires in the salty sea.  Well, here's how it happened instead...
Ken's rear wheel suffered a fatal break about half way between Eugene and Florence, and we had to get a ride from a farmer named Mike.  His sister Sheryl lived just down the hill from where we had turned our pedals for the last time, so Ken walked down there and asked for help.  These folks were characters!  Sheryl called both her brother Mike and her father Jerry and soon there were a bunch of us putting stuff into the back of Mike's truck.  Mike is building his own tadpole trike so he was interested in our trikes and our experiences riding.  Ken and Mike had lively conversation as we made our way to Florence, while I lay in the back seat trying not to vomit.  I get VERY car sick, even when I take my medicine for it.  When we got to the coast I could hear Ken saying, "There's the ocean, Jen" but I was so ill I couldn't even get up to look at it.  We found a campsite and unloaded our things, said thank you and goodbye to Mike, and the moment Ken set up the tent, I went to sleep.  I woke up to it raining and it would be two days of that before I would even see the ocean that I could hear roaring from just a two-minute walk away.  Finally on Friday the clouds were gone as was most of my sickness so we took my trike down to the water and dipped the tires.

It's official!
Simon's first beach.

Ken can't believe it.
There were lots of sand dunes.

Lookin a little like Magnum there, Ken.
We are going to pull this back to NC so Megan can put it in her yard.  :)
Sweet victory!!!!
WE MADE IT!!  Coast to Coast.

This marks the official end of our cross country trike trek.  Next Spring, however, The Just BeCauses TerraTrike Tour will resume as we head down the Pacific Coast.  We plan to ride every Spring for many years to come, raising awareness and enjoying our country, and maybe some other ones too.  

Stay tuned for a couple more posts, and then this blog will come to end when we arrive in South Fork, CO where we will spend the winter.  You can find us there at the Foothills Lodge and Cabins, and we invite you all to come ski with us!!!  Thank you all SO MUCH for following along with us on our journey.  And for the donations so many of you made along the way.  This was truly a group effort, inspired by Alex, encouraged by friends and family, and blessed by Izzi.  Thank you all!


  1. I am SO proud of you two and what you've accomplished and for raising awareness for organ donations!

    I guess Ken's trike deserves a Purple Heart for being wounded in action, huh? : )

    May God and the long and winding road let our paths cross in the future.

    Take a break. You've earned it.

  2. Congratulations! Where and how far down the west coast are you planning to ride? I live in Orange County (between Los Angeles and San Diego) it would be fun to meet and ride with you when you, if you come this far south.

  3. Thanks Brian!

    Clock, we will probably only go down as far as SF, then across on the Western Express, and then back up on the Sierra Route. This is not certain yet by any means. Perhaps we will see you out there! And Brian, we KNOW we will see you one day!!