10 October 2010

My Final Post

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for following along on our epic journey across the United States.  It has been such a life changing experience and thanks to blogger we will get to keep our memories here online forever. Years ago before the invention of digital cameras and blogs people didn't have the capabilities that we do today and I am so grateful that we do!  To know our memories will always be here at The Zen of Ken and Jen pleases me to no end!  I am sure Ken and I will be looking back at this blog until we grow old.

A reader asked me to tell you what my favorite things were about the ride, and although my favorite thing about it was the time I got to spend with Ken and how deep our already strong love became, here are several other things I loved about it as well:

1.  Talking about Alex and honoring her memory.
2.  The countless random acts of kindness that renewed our faith in humanity.
3.  Seeing Simon transform into a happy little dog.
4.  Meeting so many every day heroes who are now my new forever friends.
4.  The horses running along beside us, especially at sunset.
5.  The embrace of silence that was often only interrupted by birdsong.
6.  Feeling myself becoming stronger, physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually.
7.  The deeper sense of awe and love I now have for my country and the people in it.
8.  The steady feeling I now have that tells me no matter what, everything's gonna be okay.
9.  Knowing that people's lives were being saved by those who signed up to be donors.
10.The generosity of the people who donated to our cause and made our ride possible.
11.  Meeting Dillon and his family.
12.  Listening to Alex's heart beating in Dillon's chest.

If anyone has any questions about the ride please don't hesitate to contact us!  And to see where this next chapter of our life is taking us be sure to check out our new blog at:  kenandjen-rockymountainhigh


Ken and Jen
Over and Out


  1. Jen,

    Sorry about the hassle with uploading the video to my FB entomology page. I don't know why it doesn't work for you. I would like to see your video, but I can't access your wall at the moment-my personal FB page is used only to administer the entomology page. Feel free to send me a link to the video to my email address at arthurevans@verizon.net.

    It has been while since I have read your blog. I really enjoyed catching up! Congratulations on finishing this leg of your journey! Your photography is just great and makes me long for seeing that country again. I am enjoying VA, but I am a westerner at heart!

    By the way, the butterfly on your toe (21 September) is actually a buck moth known as the elegant sheep moth, Hemileuca eglanterina.There is a photo of it in my field guide. I would be happy to send you a copy of the field guide, if you have room for it among the rest of you gear! Just send me your winter address and I will post it right away.

    All the best to you and Ken!


  2. hey ken and jen! congrats on finishing your trip!! way to go!!!

    this is april (and nathan). we met you guys on our cross-country bike trip in Idaho just before Lolo pass for us and just after it for you. you told us all about the glory hole and hot sulfer springs, co - we dreamed about it all the way there! when we got there, it was AWESOME! we soaked in the springs, had smiley's amazing cinnamon rolls, and had a really refreshing time!

    we are excited to announce that we just finished our bike trip too! we ended up in rodanthe, nc on november 22nd. the trip was 100 days and 4,641 miles. we had an awesome time, and we wanted to know if you wouldn't mind sending us your address so we could send you a "we made it!" postcard?

    you can send your address using the 'contact us' link on our blog: TheRoadTo.org.

    You can see the post where we met you guys on our "Day 18 (Sept-2, 2010)" blog post :-)

    have a great day, and have fun in your new adventure in the mountains!

    God bless
    april (and nathan)

  3. We enjoyed this so much Ken and Jen! Your pictures are fantastic...especially loved the pictures of the horses and cute little Simon! The scenery was just gorgeous also!

    We're so glad we got to meet you two in CO...next time we meet I hope we get to ride our TerraTrikes with you! :)

    Ruth and Rubin