07 November 2009

TerraTrike Fund

As some of you may have seen we have changed our goal amount of $1500 to $2000. We were going to try and buy the TerraTrike Path 8 which is a great all around trike for town and trails. This is a photo of that Trike. I called and was going to go ahead and purchase this particular trike but after talking with Wayne Oom we changed our minds.  Wayne said he wanted our trip to be a complete success with the minium amount of problems and he and his team has offered us a new deal that follows: We will be able to purchase 2 TerraTrike Tours At the price of one Cruiser. This is a fantastic deal. The Tour TerraTrike is much more suited for what we are going to be doing especially when we hit hit the mountain ranges through Virginia and Colorado. (Wayne said we would really be thanking them for this then) and I must agree with him. Though it seems it will take a bit longer to purchase the trikes but I believe it is the best way to ensure our success.  We have made another change in plans as well.  Instead of getting a ride to Virginia and starting there we will instead be leaving directly from home.  This does not affect the start date of the trip, but it will make our trip right at 7000 miles!  Wow! We wanna thank everyone for their support and help in this and thanks so much for your patience and kindness. I have also listed a pic of the Terra trike Tour for you all to see. Peace be with you all.

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