06 November 2009


Hey folks, I would like to talk a little about "Izzi." Jen and I came up with this name for our Higher Power a little under a year ago on our first bike trail where we had our first experience together in the wonder of God in nature. We at that time called God "The Great Is." We thought this an appropriate name for God because all that we experience has the essence of God within it. We began to notice Izzi working more and more in our lives - to the point where we changed very much and grew very stable in our spiritual nature. Today we see Izzi in most all things we do daily and especially in nature.
The reason I am speaking of this today is because I have really seen Izzi moving powerfully in the endeavour we are undertaking involving our trip across country. I remember when this was just a seed in our mind... and how Izzi planted that seed when we were on that bike trail last year.  At times I wondered if we were going down the right path with this trip and Izzi just kept showing us over and over again that we were. The confirmations were uncanny, actually, and undeniable. I thought perhaps because we would be so needy in the task that it was not the right thing for us to do...but I see now how wrong that thinking was. Because of our needs we reached out to people and found that we had support in what we were doing.  In fact, if Jen and I had the money to just buy the TerraTrikes we might not have contacted any of the wonderful people who are now supporting us. Now we have developed a network of people that are working together with us to ensure our success. I see Izzi working through these people and we are seeing our endeavour growing larger and larger and we haven't even started the trip yet!
I suspect that we will be able to touch a lot of people on our tour not only through meeting them face to face on the road but also by blogging and through feeds to other websites such as Donate Life and TerraTrike. We have gone from nothing to being at the start of something really great!  It is like throughout our whole lives we have come to this one thing that we were meant to do and have been practicing for all this time. So we move on in our endeavour and look forward to what Izzi has in store for us on our trip... I am sure it will hold many blessings and a lot of healing, for not only us but for those around us and those that are interested enough to follow along as we go. May Izzi bless you all,  Ken (and Jen)    

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