26 July 2009

Global Warming

Hey Everybody,

I would like to talk a little bit about Global Warming..... I know I know it's the rage this season.... It's a fad the yuppies and hipsters are making a big fuss about while drinking their lattes. This was the attitude I took after hearing so much about it. But I decided that I would look into it more and what I found out troubled me considerably. At the rate our planet is warming because of the amount of co2 being released in this world the Artic will be iceless somewhere between 2011 and 2015. You kinda have to give some thought to what impact just this one occurence would have on our environment worldwide. (To find out more about this please visit the link 350 given in our post Just Be-Causes). Let's face it, at the present rate of co2 being released into the atmosphere it's not "if" it is going to happen it is "when." Already scientists have changed their predictions to 80 years sooner than they first thought. Global Warming is happening at an alarming rate.
Like the tobacco companies did when the public started becoming aware of the hazards of tobacco smoke the oil companies started thier own propoganda coverage leading people into believing there is nothing to worry about. Do not take my word for it, but.... I challenge anyone to investigate this thoroughly and prove that global warming is a myth. After investigating this myself I believe we do have a problem and Jen and I have started changing our lifestyles accordingly. Individual change is important.... When you have enough people that become aware and band together great change can happen. Changes in individual lifestyle must change...... but not only that, changes in our industries must also. A complete overhaul. I believe education is important in accomplishing this....and then just doing it. Jen and I find ourselves bicycling a lot now. We find that life has slowed down for us and we see our environment in a more wholesome way than we were flying around in an auto. We plan plan to bicycle across the United States on the TransAmerica Trail and then down from Oregon to L.A. (thats about 6000 miles). We hope to gain a better perspective of this great country we live in and pass on the message of global warming and other issues we find important along the way. Though this sounds like it might not be all that much....I am sure we could have a positive impact on people's lives and our own. It all starts with us.... one step at a time.... Those reading this might want to ask yourselves what you can do as an individual.... some of the links listed here on our blog could be a good place to start. By the way those Lattes are really quite good.

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