26 December 2009

This is an abandoned bee hive - um, I mean wasp hive (thanks dad) that we spotted high in a tree hanging out over the lake.  It was HUGE and we were grateful it was empty!  From far away I thought it was an owl.  So we crept up on it.  lol  Boy did we feel silly.

This is FRESH work done by a busy beaver and the wet stuff you can see on the tree is it's slobber!  We actually looked for the beaver after we saw this because he couldn't have been far away!

1 comment:

  1. Nice pose, Ken. Uh, nice pose, Ken. They do look similar. Did someone learn PhotoShop? The bee hive is actually a wasp nest. Big one, too. That whole area looks very interesting. You guys sure show those slimmer bodies off well!