19 October 2009

Jen Wins First Match!

Jen and I recently joined the Peach Tennis League put on by Prince. Today was Jen's first match and it was an interesting and fun day. The match was in Cary....that is about 36 miles away from where we live. So this morning we got ready to go and packed all the Frescas to take with us....and headed off to Cary. Of course Jen was kinda nervous since this was her first match and she had not played in a league since she was a teenager. I, of course assumed the role of reassuring her that everything would be great...  Well that got harder to do when we got to the tennis courts and realized we'd forgotten the racquets. Hmmm.... So we figured they would have loaners in the Tennis Center....and they did... so we tried to get a court but two of our credit cards would not work there.... kinda embarrassing....  What a start... Jen was getting so upset and I was running out of ways to convince her that it was going to be ok.  Not sure what we were going to do, Jen was on the verge of tears when the phone rang.  It was her opponent Lisa, and boy did she save the day. She said she had an extra tennis racquet, a can of balls, and a place to play for free....wow....she was so very understanding. When we met her at the tennis courts she put Jen completely at ease and Jen played a wonderful match without being so upset about the earlier events.....thanks so much Lisa!  Below are a few pics from todays event.  Oh yeah.... this is the first time I could really watch Jen move on the court while not worrying about watching the ball....I realize why I lose all the time.      ~Ken

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  1. Too bad about all the hassle! That seems a long way to go to have a match - you better win those, huh? Did she know any of the other members of the league? Good timing on the pics.