11 September 2009

40 Miles!

Construction on the American Tobacco Trail was completed so today we were able to take the trail into Durham. We stopped at a couple of shops there in town, ate lunch at a park, and then made our way back home.  Today's total miles:  40!  That's the farthest we've gone in one day!

Much of
today's ride
was on parts
of the trail we
had never
been on.
We love
It was a lot of
fun exploring
and even
the ride was
long we felt
strong and had
yet another very
wonderful day.


  1. Wow, 40 miles! I guess your tennis playing is paying off in endurance, huh?

    Nice addition to facilitate donations at the top. Very professional. Nice job.

  2. It really is beautiful, though there are some parts that are unfinished still. The unfinished trail is located in Durham. There is a break in which you have to hit one of the main streets to connect again to the trail. Un fortunately there are no signs and you kinda got to figure it out for your self. The trail turns into a walkpath and then pretty much just a swampy field, but there is a trail leading to Old Fayetteville road about 3/10 of a mile before you get to the single path. That is where you split from the trail and head north about 4 miles untill you come to some signs leading you back to the trail. When they are finished the trail will be quite wonderful. it will be 22 miles one way with side trails that can be taken through Durham.