27 August 2009

Jen's New YONEX!!!

This is my birthday present from Ken and from my Dad- a new Yonex racquet!! I used to play with one similar to it when I was younger and played a lot of tennis and it feels great to have that familiar feel again when playing now. Especially after using that antique from the thrift store for so long! It's so much more fun to play with good equipment! My game improved instantly!


  1. Hey! I didn't read this before. Two people can't give you the same present! Oh well, I am sure you can find some other use for the money.

    I commented on the pic of your house tonight. I haven't kept up with your blog very well but usually catch up after a while.

    I would like to meet Jenny's daughter Erin some day, too.

  2. The men I love most BOTH got me my Yonex. :) I am a lucky girl!!!