19 June 2009

We've put many, many miles on our bicycles since we got them last year, and neither of us had ever gotten a flat tire... today we both got one!!! We think it may have been Izzi working in our lives, because it brought us to a family who needed a little help too.When my front tire popped it was so loud I screamed! This horse heard me. :) We hid the bikes in the bushes and started walking when a nice, but very poor mother and her three children gave us a ride in a car that barely ran. They refused our offer of a few dollars for gas, so after we had retrieved the bikes, we drove by their house and put $20 in their mail box. They were outside, and again tried to stop us from paying them, but it was too late! We could see the smiles on their faces as we pulled away waving, happy to be on our way home. :) We always enjoy our rides, but this one was especially nice. Without the kindness we received from these strangers, it would have been a very, very long walk on a very, very hot day for us!

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